Read An Excerpt (Chapter 6 of 42) FTIP 1

Chapter Six: Saturday Day Three

We awoke to yet another freezing Parisian day, and decided that we would take a walk along “Rue Rivoli” to find a nice bar to re-nourish ourselves. We sat and talked avidly about the previous evening, and both agreed that we were exceptionally turned on by the situation, and that we both would liked to have gone further, so we came to the conclusion that as we were in France, completely anonymous, we should indulge our desires a little, and if we disgraced ourselves so be it, nobody would know. After all we were there to enjoy ourselves!

We had so far done not a single thing a tourist would do, Eiffel Tower, Le Louvre, Les Champs Elysees etc etc, but we both agreed that we’d be definitely be coming back, so we’d leave them until the next time. We had an extremely different agenda now!

We took a stroll to one of Paris’s finest department stores “Galeries Lafayette” on boulevard Haussmann, one of the finest shopping streets in the city. Wow, what a breath-taking store. First opened in 1893, the “Galeries Lafayette” department store is a Paris fashion tradition.

This is an essential stop for fashion enthusiasts: men and women’s designer collections are always kept at the cutting-edge, and the latest trends in jewelry and accessories, home furnishings, or cosmetics can all be a drooled over under one roof and what a spectacular roof it is…has to be seen to be believed.

I did a small amount of damage to our credit card in the lingerie department, I was like the proverbial kid in a sweetshop, with all the wonderful stockings, basques, intricate lace panties…so much choice…. so much anticipation, it was an hour of sexually charged shopping. A wondrously warm tingling feeling was coursing through my body, I was feeling faint and giddy with it all. I signed the credit card receipt with a knowing smile from the obligatory elegant French assistant.

During the casual stroll back towards the hotel, stopping and exploring some of the beautiful boutiques, we found a wonderful old-fashioned Parisian “bar à vins” called Le Rubis, with a traditional zinc counter; we sat and sampled a few wonderful glasses of Beaujolais, courtesy of the wonderfully named “patron” Albert Prat, he told us he’d opened in the early seventies, I would recommend it highly, it is located just off the ultra-fashionable Rue du Faubourg St Honore.

After taking a small nap in the hotel it was time to get ready for the night ahead, this time with much reduced “rules of engagement” and a lot less nerves. So for luck I repeated the previous nights routine of soak, make up, smellies and finally the other LBD I had brought with me, complimented by a stunning new pair of hold-ups and panties, all that was missing was the wonderful new shoes Paul had bought me… they were still in the box, seemingly waiting for this moment!! Paul put on a new pair of Armani trousers and a gorgeous John Smedley Sea Island cotton top. We were ready to party and in the mood to go with whatever Paris could throw at us.

We arrived at the club, where Jesse again greeted us warmly, this time with no look of concern that we were a couple of tourists who were confused and lost. We gratefully took the welcome glass of champagne and were shown to our table, all very stylish, with the ladies menu having no prices on it! There was a mouth-watering choice, and once Paul had translated, as best he could with his rapidly improving childhood French we ordered.

The food was magnificent, however, what lay directly beneath us, in the club area was so hypnotically sensual, it seemed to be playing havoc with my taste buds. By the sound of the discreet entrance buzzer going off regularly in the last half an hour, we assumed that the club was filling up quite swiftly. So it was with huge anticipation, that we slowly consumed our fresh raspberries and desert wine, teasing ourselves as to when to go downstairs, eventually it all got too much and we enthusiastically headed downstairs to the basement.

Being a Saturday night the club was packed with many elegantly dressed men and their provocatively dressed partners….some ladies in full length evening dresses, some simply in heels and sheer skimpy playsuits, basically a wide and varied range of revealingly provocative outfits!

We took our customary Jack Daniels and automatically gravitated to the alcove with the wicker swing and grinned at each other, I think we were both goading each other to be daring, and see where it led! It actually, very quickly led to us being joined by another couple, who spoke good English, they were slightly older than us, but in great shape and very easy on the eye. We chatted and told them about all the things we’d seen and done so far, and in return we gleaned lots of information from them, as they were native Parisians and knew all the hot spots. They gave us a comprehensive list of “must do’s”, and the places to be avoided.

 Paul went to the bar to get us all some drinks, and immediately, the female Claudia jumped up and said she would go with Paul to help. As soon as they had disappeared Olivier moved into Paul’s vacated place beside me on the sofa and very casually started to gently and seductively run his fingers up and down my thigh, complimenting me on my choice of hold-ups and whispering softly in my ear. I had no idea what he was saying, but it just sounded so sexy and he smelt divine, a very delicate sandalwood cologne and gorgeous minty breathe. I was in complete ecstasy, not having had this level of close up personal attention from another man in seven years of marriage. I was reaching boiling point as his fingers worked their way to the lacey tops of my hold-ups and the fleeting touches of fingers on flesh…my flesh! I was sure he must have felt the heat emanating from every pore of my body. I tried to pull back from the situation, as I anticipated that Paul and Claudia would be back with the drinks at any moment, and when I half-heartedly mentioned this to him, he simply smiled and said that he’d told Claudia to “take her time!” Which turned out to be their code for getting to know a couple at a slightly more intimate level. My internal organs did somersaults and before I knew it we were locked in a very sensual and passionate kiss, with our tongues doing the most outrageous acrobatics, whilst his fingers continued to stroke their way to my panties….what to do?…when to stop?…my mind said cool it ,but my body screamed…I want more…I need more and I need it now. When suddenly, as if by intuition, he leant back from me and smiled just as Paul and Claudia returned with the drinks. Both of them were beaming, they passed us our drinks and sat down beside each other on the sofa…. Paul leant across to me and hilariously stated the obvious “I think we’re being seduced” I grinned and whispered “when in Rome”… but this was Paris, but who cared…. definitely not me! During the next half hour we all flirted outrageously together, enjoying each other’s company in this sex driven atmosphere. I’d never experienced anything remotely like this before… and was keen to take it to the next level…I didn’t have to wait long, Olivier said it was time for more drinks, so I took a leaf out of Claudia’s book and offered to help him carry them.

Olivier and I headed to the bar, where he ordered a bottle of “House Champagne” and four glasses and winking he asked for them to be ready, and on the bar in ten minutes…. I was confused, until I saw the glint in his eye as he took my hand and led me towards the playrooms, we soon found a secluded area in the nearest alcove, where we resumed the kiss, this time with much more unrestraint on my part, he very skillfully slid my dress up over my hips and started stroking me just above the top of my panties, I was in heaven, but knew we were on a slim time frame, so I subtly, but invitingly parted my legs slightly, as a helpful encouragement for him to continue, he took the hint and deftly slipped his hand down inside my panties and skillfully stroked my, by now soaking pussy…..within seconds I came with a massive shudder over his nimble fingers, whilst sucking on his tongue, as if it were his penis. I calculated that I had only a few minutes to reciprocate my pleasure. A wanton side of me, that had been dormant since the children were born came bursting to the surface as I grasped at his trousers, my hands were shaking as I unzipped him, and released a most spectacular erection, I hastily fell to my knees and proceeded to eat his cock like a sex crazed porn queen….I just couldn’t take it all in…both mentally, as well as physically, it was like living through an erotic dream, after much enthusiastic licking and sucking he started to tremble and groan as he ejaculated hard and copiously down my throat….it was pure unadulterated lust. It was, however, all to brief.

As requested the champagne and glasses were waiting for us at the bar, which we duly took back to Paul and Claudia, who appreciatively gave us a small round of applause and a meaningful but humorous smile.

After more flirtatious chat, Claudia asked me if she could take Paul and show him around her “favourite areas” of the club…. who was I to argue! Paul looked very nervous as she led him by the hand to explore the “Magic Kingdom” as we referred to it from then on.

When they returned some twenty minutes later, Paul explained that we were being collected at the hotel at lunchtime, which was now only a few hours away and as it was approaching 3.30 a.m., we should be leaving, much to my pleasure Olivier said they would leave with us and buy us a night cap at a small bar they knew close by. We both readily agreed this would be a pleasant end to the evening, even though I was desperate to know what Paul and Claudia had gotten up to. We paid our bill, a very modest One thousand Francs, which at the time equated to about one hundred pounds, very good value for the most erotic night of both our lives…so far! We said our good byes to the staff and told them we’d see them again soon, little did I know how soon!

We had a quick drink at the little late night café/bar, which was thankfully only a few minutes from the hotel, we swapped telephone numbers and a courteous peck on each others cheeks goodnight, which at the time struck me as so strange, considering what I’d been doing with her husband only moments before, but also seemed the most natural thing in the world to do. They disappeared into the night as we disappeared into our hotel; to get a few hours much needed rest.

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11 thoughts on “Read An Excerpt (Chapter 6 of 42) FTIP 1

  1. Wow, this is something special. my wife has uch a done something similar in front of me and it was such a turn on. I will be purchasing the book for her.

  2. Lovely start to many erotic encounters!
    It’s hard to close ‘Pandora’s box’ once you’ve opened it – open your minds, forget about some of life’s ‘normal’ boundaries! Share the experiences together and enjoy!

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