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The Conclusion

The “Conclusion” to the No.1.Amazon Best Seller “First Tango In Paris” see’s my sexual journey from a shy young Kitten to a fully fledged Cougar reach its pinnacle. It begins where part 1 left off and factually documents in detail the period from 2003 to 2016 bringing my erotic journey fully up to date. As before it is explicitly written in my own style. As well as including many of my exciting sexual liaisons in Paris, Miami and Amsterdam (all graphically described in intimate detail) I fully document the rise of the swinging lifestyle in my hometown of London and across the U.K in general. Firmly lifting the lid on the more private and hard to discover events and venues London currently offers and my personal recommendations from experience are all listed. From an elegant unexpected soiree in Paris with a famous female Hollywood actress through to the very seedy and debauched “Greedy Girl” nights at a famous Amsterdam institution, and everything in between. Its all here, all factual, and all available for you the reader to explore. Again 90k+ words of fine, stylish yet explicit erotica. Written for the enjoyment of both male and female readers alike. This book will intrigue, captivate and even possibly corrupt its reader….you have been warned. READ and ENJOY Emma xx

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“First Tango In Paris” My Intimate Erotic Memoir

First Tango In Paris is a compellingly erotic true-life memoir of Emma, a normal English housewife and mother, who in 1991 went on a last minute weekend break to Paris with her husband. They by chance discovered a whole different level of sexual gratification in the elegant Parisian swingers clubs, one that she pursued with vigour over the following years. This true and accurate account explicitly documents many of the outrageous sexual situations she participated in and experienced on her journey to complete sexual fulfillment. From teaching her French lovers 18 year old son the art of lovemaking through to complete abandonment at the hands of a team of French firefighters, and being the muse to an elderly retired, distinguished French Diplomat, who arranges many of her more scandalous sexual scenarios for her to act out. All the time, juggling her family life in West London with her decadent sexual life in France and beyond. She takes you on a roller-coaster ride of sex filled exploits. A riveting and captivating sexually explicit read!

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**August 3rd: Book went to #1 Amazon Erotic Sales Chart and peaked at #15 in Amazon General Sales Chart xx**

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