Read an Excerpt “FTIP 2 The Conclusion”

Chapter Seven: Much Admired

In my typical custom, I spent a considerable time allowing my body to absorb the liberal application of my favoured Chanel No.5 Body Velvet moisturising cream, every nook, and cranny treated with the care and attention it deserved.

As Yves had requested, I was to wear my beautiful new black silk Valentino evening dress, that he’d thoughtfully left hanging in the wardrobe as a little birthday gift. I was to wear it with no underwear or stockings, simply the elegant gown and a complimenting pair of heels. As ever on such occasions, I wore my Gold Cartier “Tank Francaise” and Eternity bracelet. As requested my new body jewellery was taking pride of place, nestling conveniently inside my clutch bag.

None the wiser as to my destination, I climbed into the rear of the Mercedes, chivalrously helped by Marc. It turned out to be a very short drive, as no sooner than I’d got in Marc was helping me out again and walking me to the entrance of a Gentleman’s Private Dining Club situated on Avenue George V, just a short stroll from the Arc de Triomphe. The very official doorman greeted me and consulted his note pad before opening the very secure looking door allowing me entrance into the small yet elegant foyer, where my coat was taken.

I was then taken to the internal lift and accompanied to the ninth and final floor of the building, once again as the lift doors opened a rather official looking gentleman greeted me and checked me off his discreet note pad. It was only much later did it become clear as to why all this security was taking place, it was simply that since it’s inception back in 1908 only a handful of females had ever crossed its hallowed threshold. This only happened upon the behest of people with great power and influence. I was later told a few stories involving one or two famous French Presidents who’d organized such events, however, my lips are sealed, likewise not actually naming the establishment, as long may it thrive. I just hope the tradition continues and a few more ladies such as myself are privileged enough to be invited.

I followed the man along a corridor lined with portraits of France’s good and great from the past, the atmosphere was one of opulence and distinct privilege. Steeped in history and I felt it a great honour to just be in the building itself. It gave you an overwhelming feeling that these walls most certainly had eyes and ears and were watching my every move. Shortly, I was shown to an anti-room where Yves was waiting to greet me, he silently appraised me for several moments before quietly whispering to me “vous êtes tout simplement divine, tres magnifique”. Taking my hand he guided me into the room, a room devoid of any other female guests. I was alone amongst a small group of distinguished gentlemen. All elegantly attired in full evening dress. Enough to make any lady aroused, and me being me, highly aroused was the result. Whilst sipping on my flute of Champagne Yves introduced me individually to the five gentlemen, whilst at the same time as explaining that they were all meeting their wives shortly for a night at the ballet and were in need of some entertainment of a much different kind prior to their evening. I was to be their “entertainment. Yves outlined his wishes, and after indulging in another Champagne to unleash the exhibitionist in me further the official gentleman came and escorted me to the lift. I watched intrigued as he used a key to override the lift buttons and pressed a hash tag key on the panel, which deposited us swiftly into the bowels of the building.

I was shown into a locked room that was obviously once used as a wine cellar, the ancient stonewalls gave it an ambiance of a large prison cell. Discreetly placed in the shadows were six armchairs, and in central to the room was a raised crimson velvet plinth. A 360- degree white curtain, adding to the sensuality of the room, concealed it. The entire room was dark with just a subtle spotlight illuminating the plinth. As Yves requested I quickly slipped out of my gown and proceeded to adorn my nipples and vagina with my new erotic jewellery. The effect immediately triggered a series of small wet climaxes, resulting in my thighs glistening with my juices. The door opened and the official gent informed me that the guests would be along in a few minutes. I just had time to take a massive hit of my poppers before placing my self provocatively on the plinth behind the curtain. I was now at a very heightened state and the slightest touch or even a look would trigger a massive orgasm, I love this state and ensure when it occurs I abandon myself to the moment, gaining maximum pleasure.

I heard the door open and the discreet murmuring of the men as they settled into the armchairs. As the curtain rose fully exposing me to the men an appreciative quiet applause accompanied by some most explicit verbal utterances ensued. I began to play, stroking my thighs, holding my breasts together provocatively showing off the chains that were snuggly gripping my bullet like nipples. The murmurings from the gents hidden in the shadows sipping their cognacs were gaining in sexual vulgarity the more I played.

The appreciation escalated substantially as I began to beguilingly spread my legs allowing them an unhindered view of my jewel-adorned gaping vagina. My labia were fully engorged and open, its juices shimmering on my thighs. I went into total overdrive as I unpeeled my clitoris and began to manipulate it provocatively for the watchers gratification. I built my self to a crescendo, holding back the flood, bringing myself to the edge on several occasions before unleashing a gargantuan torrent of ejaculate in several powerful arcing jets. As the fluids deluged from me the gents gasped loudly in appreciation, which only spurred me on further. I was pleased to hear Yves guests thanking him in very complimentary terms for inviting and allowing them the privilege of what they’d witnessed. I reached for my Champagne and took a well-deserved gulp, just as I’d finished it was my turn to gasp as the door opened and “Mr. Official” led in two absolutely huge naked black men. I was staggered at the sight. They were glistening, as their skin had been coated with a thin layer of oil, neither carried any excess body fat, simply six foot six torso’s of pure muscle. My eyes were quickly drawn to two colossal shining mahogany erections. They were fiercely pointing my way, pulsating and angry. Ready to inflict some serious pleasure upon my enthusiastic body. They approached me and stood either side of the plinth appraising what they had to work on, slowly stroking their manhood’s to full erection. They gestured to me to turn side on and kneel on the plinth, which I did with zest. The room was deathly silent as the anticipation of what was about to transpire rose. I soon felt a long tongue flash across my buttocks, quickly spreading them and plunging into my anus; I was in ecstasy as he worked it skilfully. I gratefully with relish accepted the enormous penis, which was being proffered to my mouth. I lewdly commenced darting my tongue up and down its immense length and encircling its colossal head, salivating on it profusely. I had to use all my effort and skill to take this monster into my mouth; my lips were taught, stretched to the extreme. Simultaneously the ripped giant behind me sheathed himself with one of the préservatifs that had been discreetly brought in, and swiftly began to nudge his rock-solid spear of joy into me, my vagina welcoming him blissfully. My labia instinctively wrapped themselves around him, my muscle memory kicked in gripping him as he worked his vast penis fully into me. Then clutching my hips he commenced to rhythmically drill into me with ferocious power. I was working overtime and on full autopilot as these two monstrous men worked me viciously from both ends. I was beginning to climax uncontrollably as they swapped positions, taking turns in using both my vagina and mouth. I was being well and truly tested, being penetrated in every imaginable position. I was being stretched like never before and adoring every single moment. Matching these men as best I could. Finally, after a long bout of merciless, power fucking I was lifted from the plinth and was knelt on a cushion directly in front of the six armchairs, really close up and personal as they both began to feed me their gargantuan meat. I was going crazy with lust as they both used my mouth for their own gratification. Like a well-drilled double act they began to tense and quiver, and in unison, their immense erections began to jerk and flex powerfully as they both began to climax. Huge powerful hot torrents of semen ejaculated forcefully into my eager mouth, flooding the back of my throat. I was being completely deluged in their ejaculate, gulping, and gagging, endeavouring to drink every last drop from them. Eventually, their orgasms subsided and they departed leaving one very battered, cum covered but fulfilled lady, slumped back on the plinth, exhausted and in dire need of a much-deserved drink.

Yves along with his guests departed, but not before each and every one bowed slightly whilst placing a kiss on the back of my hand and quietly complimenting me on my dexterity and enthusiasm regarding all things amatory.

Finally, Yves embraced me and said his goodbyes and that he’d be in touch. Marc drove me back to the apartment where I immediately undressed and threw on my jeans and a pastel pink cashmere Ralph Lauren crew neck sweater and as it was still only ten-thirty strolled back up the road to where I’d taken breakfast earlier in the day.

It was alive and bustling and as it was a warm evening I sat outside and ordered a chilled bottle of Sancerre whilst perusing the menu. I relaxed into my first few sips with one of my infrequent St Moritz menthol cigarettes, divine bliss! My exertions during the last twelve hours ensured a very hearty appetite and the mixed green salad and bowl of steaming muscles in a fiery tomato-based sauce went a long way to satisfying. Leaving just enough room for a dessert of triple chocolate cheesecake and an espresso. A quite exquisite end to a fun day filled with total decadent over indulgence.