Read a Teaser Chapter “Distracted”

The time flew by and unusually for this time of day I was firmly in a creative writing mode and before I knew I’d got another two thousand words completed. Satisfied and encouraged by the progress I’d made since arriving I grabbed a well-deserved drink and put my brain into gear to come up with some entertainment for the rest of the day. As I expected the lure of the beach came out on top. I grabbed a quick snack of bread and cheese, then showered and slipped on a cool white beach dress and sandals. I grabbed my ruck sac, packed a chilled bottle of wine and a single glass. I was debating weather to go by car or walk, being such a glorious day I decided a walk might be the more relaxing option, as also I anticipated that being a Sunday the parking may be a bit restricted. My choice was the right one, as once I’d reached the very same spot that I’d been only a few days previous it became obvious, it was very busy. The parking area was jam packed with cars and a few Winnebago style motorhomes crammed in, how they navigated them down the tracks was beyond me. Passing by the closest one I noted the registration plate was Italian and a rather hunky guy was storing some scuba diving air tanks in a roof top container, we exchanged a casual greeting and a few lines of “what a beautiful day…etc”. Fortuitously my chosen spot was vacant, as the majority of people were pitched up right at the waters edge. Luckily I’d had the foresight to bring a small beach umbrella with me to get a bit of shade from the fierce afternoon sun. I unpacked and set up my pitch, and decided a swim would be in order; I’d brought a small waterproof bag, which held keys and the few euros I’d come out with. I fastened it around my waist and casually strolled down to the calm, clear water, checking out the other naked bodies as I did so. There were some very attractive looking people amongst the throng, all shapes and sizes as far as the eye could see. I walked straight in and was agreeably surprised how pleasant the water temperature was. From the water’s edge looking back I watched an intermittent but steady mix of people wandering off in the palmed area. Imagining the goings on within those palms just a few metres away was a massive turn on. After a good twenty minutes swimming and generally splashing about I returned to my pitch and grabbed a welcome glass of wine. It was fun just relaxing and people watching. It wasn’t long before I notice the guy from the motorhome had joined another man, slightly in front of me to the right, he waved and smiled, which I returned and raised my glass in a kind of “Salut” gesture. I applied my sun tan oil with much more enthusiasm than if there was no one around. My exhibitionistic streak rearing its head, as you’d expect, paying more attention to my nipples than necessary, I could sense the two guys sneaking approving looks my way. That tingling feeling washed over me as I lay back to catch some rays and let my imagination run free. I did at one stage think of wandering alone into the play area, but thought I’d save it for a quieter time or as a treat for Antonia! I knew it would be right up her street. I was brought back to reality abruptly by a very deep foreign voice talking to me, I knew exactly who it was, or rather hoped it maybe before I opened my eyes. Yes, I was rewarded by a very good looking Italian called Celio pronounced “Chelio” as he told at least three times, he explained it was derived from Latin and meant “heaven”. We chatted for a while, with him explaining that he and his friend Gabriele were taking a two month tour along the coast of Southern Europe, and had already been to many great places such as St Tropez, Cap d’ Adge, Barcelona and Valencia to name a few. He explained they enjoyed the complete freedom the motorhome gave them, more akin to a top class hotel on wheels. I briefly outlined what I was up to, and that my husband was back in England, which definitely piqued his interest. Before going to rejoin his friend he said I was more than welcome to join them for a sundowner in their motor home later, before leaving the beach. I smiled inwardly with total pleasure, little did he realise that I’d been hoping for an offer very much along those lines. The next couple of hours drifted by with my mind in overdrive, I was already wet and experiencing a few mini climaxes just thinking about the possibilities that hopefully would come my way later. It wasn’t long before I saw them leave, with Celio gesturing about coming for a drink, to which I casually responded with the universal thumbs up. Not wanting to seem to keen I gave it a good twenty minutes before I packed my ruck sac and slipped on my dress and wandered towards their motorhome, my body was already sizzling and tingling, my vagina nicely wet and throbbing gently in anticipation of what by now I’d hoped would be far more than a drink. They were both sat in a couple of beach chairs by the entrance and welcomed me enthusiastically, with Celio offering me a drink. From the choice I quickly concluded that they had a very comprehensive drinks cabinet inside. Whilst pouring my drink he called me inside to have a look around. It was exactly as he described, all the mod cons and luxuries of a 5 star hotel. There were private sleeping areas, small kitchen, showers and a large open plan entertaining area, all crafted to the highest standard. Feeling a bit overdressed, and with some tempting from Celio I slipped out of my dress, accepted my drink and took it back outside. Gabriele had got a chair for me and we toasted each other in both English and Italian as he slowly appraised my nakedness. An intense look of lust was very evident. They were both in their early forties and lived and worked in Rome, where they owned a design consultancy. It was very obvious that they looked after themselves and prided themselves on their appearance. Both were tall and had that deeply tanned olive skin that I love. They were so comfortable with their nakedness it just enhanced my inner lust. After refreshing our drinks Celio launched it to a classic and very obvious play, by commenting on how much I’d caught the sun during the afternoon and that my shoulders needed moisturizing immediately, so as not to itch and peel later. In fact he insisted, and with a wicked grin took my hand and led me inside, he placed a large beach towel on the pull out sofa and instructed me to lie face down whilst he got the after sun lotion from the chiller compartment. The sensation of the cold cream being squirted onto my hot shoulders was both bracing and highly erotic, causing me to let out a long encouraging groan. His strong hands and skilled fingers worked on my shoulders and my back, occasionally letting a hand brush against the side of my boobs. I was in heaven, and when he enquired if I was enjoying it I firmly told him not to stop under any circumstances. A few minutes later I suddenly felt a jet of cold cream being applied liberally to my very exposed bottom, then as if my thoughts had been read another pair of hands started to gently work the cream into each of my cheeks. They were both obviously encouraged by my moans of pleasure and their four strong hands continued to work in unison. Steadily increasing the intensity, spreading to more and more intimate areas of my body. As Celio slid his hands underneath and began caressing my breasts, Gabriele became more adventurous and with encouragement from me, subtly raising my hips, the cheeks of my bottom opened up invitingly as he began to expertly work my anus with his fingers, probing and stroking it gently. I soon reached my level where I was able to orgasm at will, but just maintained myself on this plateau for a while, as these two skilled men worked on me. I lifted my hips more, arching my back so as they had full and unhindered access to me. Celio took full advantage, sliding his hand down underneath and began to gently stimulate my clitoris, whilst Gabriele continued working fervently on my anus, within seconds and with much approval I was gushing copiously all over their hands, both repeating “bravo, bravo” as my floodgates were now well and truly open. They continued this treatment with enthusiasm until I begged for a refreshment break, as I expected they were having none of it, Celio simply held my drink to my mouth and allowed me a big sip, just as I felt Gabriele’s penis begin to part my labia, as he slowly but powerfully began to enter me. With white wine running down my chin the glass was replaced swiftly by Celio’s very thick, hard penis, which was a struggle initially to get in my mouth until my jaw muscled relaxed and loosened to accommodate this monster erection. I worked on him with my tongue, while Gabriele was pounding me from behind with long hard ferocious thrusts, stopping occasionally to spank me on both cheeks. After a while he withdrew, and lifted me up in readiness for Celio, who was now laying back waiting, holding the base of his gargantuan meaty cock upright like a huge flag pole, Gabriele began lowering me onto it bit by bit. In between high intensity wet climaxes, I was also experiencing multiple deep vaginal tremors, as this monstrous penis stretched me to the maximum, filling me completely. They carried on for the next hour or so, taking it in turns fucking me and feeding me their exquisite suntanned cocks, until as if they had read each others minds, they both simultaneously began to ejaculate a fountain of hot white semen in to my mouth, torrents of it, splashing all over my face, my mouth eagerly trying to drink it all. With one final swallow I unleashed my own tumultuous flood of ejaculate, much to their appreciation and admiration. After collecting our thoughts over another drink they gallantly walked me back to the village, it was a bit like déjà vu, as I insisted on buying them a brandy each at my bar as a ‘thank you’. They casually told me that they were going to drive down the coast to visit Marbella and Gibraltar during the following week, but that they would be back here the following weekend. I had a strong inkling that by mentioning that I would have a houseguest in the shape of Antonia might have had some bearing on their plans! We said our goodnights and promised to stay in touch, needless to say I slept extremely well that night. Monday came and went in a bit of a blur as I got my work head firmly on, I was endeavoring to get as much done before Antonia descended on me, as I just had a feeling she’d lead me astray one way or the other, or visa versa. I secretly hoped that some of the history we’d experienced together may repeat itself in some shape or form.